Published on Dec 8, 2015 DeadLine Live, Host: Jack Blood December 8, 2005, with illustrator Mack White and blogger James Truth. Mark Chapman; MK-ULTRA; Yoko Ono; Kurt Cobain; David Geffen; Bush Reagan Administration; Ronald Reagan; Malcolm X; New World Order; Luciferians; Jose Perdomo; CIA; Manchurian candidate; Mind control; Arthur O’Connor; Sirhan Sirhan; Robert Kennedy; World […]

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Tim Kaine Although Tim Kaine is Hillary’s running mate, he will be the next president of the United States. One theory floating around the Internet is that the (((elites))) know that Hillary is dying and won’t make it into the White House. She’ll win, but it will…

Globalism, at its most basic, is a belief in the supremacy of the “collective” over the individual. It matters not if a politician, academic, or businessman calls themselves conservative, liberal, progressive or moderate, for all factions of the political pendulum can be (and are) globalists. Globalism is the antithesis of the US Constitution, for our […]

Former President Bill Clinton and his Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) distributed “watered-down” HIV/AIDs drugs to patients in sub-Saharan Africa, and “likely increased” the risks of morbidity and mortality, according to a draft congressional report obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation. The congressional report, titled,“The Clinton Foundation and The India Success Story,” was initiated […]

Professor Darrel Hamamoto breaks down how university students are being manipulated and mind controlled through university programs and what it is doing to society. Darrell Hamamoto is a Professor of Asian American Studies at the University of California, Davis who is best known for his views on the desexualization of Asian American males in the […]

  MORE stray voting equipment found stashed in Broward Elementry School! #StopTheSteal #flpol #sayfie #FloridaRecount — HelloFLA! (@HelloFLAnews) November 13, 2018 Those plastic black cases are electronic voting machines, which hold data on a flash drive — Benjamin Dover (@Benjami11723015) November 13, 2018 The News Cycle Will Unlock the Election Fraud 2475 […] Devastation unbelievable. Too sad. Too hard to look at all of it.