UPDATED: Turkish Parliament Nuked During Coup Attempt; Reported as “Loud Explosion” | Ian Greenhalgh – Veterans Today

Update with initial analysis from VT’s nuclear expert, Jeff Smith, written after he saw the above video:

That’s a plasma blast all right. It’s a low level air burst. Most likely a small nuclear trigger. The lights didn’t go out so no major EMP field. Need to know what was the target and is there a crater. Check for melted car air conditioner radiators and on buildings too. Heat damage. etc.

Jeff then did a second-by-second analysis of that video and had this to say:

Not good. This is serious stuff….Not TNT or napalm. Not fuel air mixture. Fuel air leaves an oily residue. White phosphorus leaves a gray smoke trail. If nuke less than 0.5kt, based on fireball size and duration. Need blast damage photos to verify 100%… Looks just like the one we reported on in Syria last week on VT. These are 4th, 5th generation nuclear triggers using lithium and deuterium with a minimal amount of Uranium….. 500ft fire ball for 3 seconds max. Above ground detonation meaning air dropped. A 750lb bomb from an F-16 can’t do that. Single burst not multiple burst. – Jeff

Source: UPDATED: Turkish Parliament Nuked During Coup Attempt | Veterans Today


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