An Analysis of the Cuckold Male | Tim Swan – GoPandora

Cuck Story-

They fear their own masculinity and deep down repress their natural instincts because they’re cowards ruled by their masters.

The Cuck is not an alpha male and typically speaks out against masculine behaviour and considers “The Patriarchy” to be at the root of the world’s problems. Not surprisingly, these people tend to make white heterosexual men their number one enemy.

Why? (The Disappearing Male Documentary)

We represent everything they hate because they deep down wish they could be masculine traditional men with traditional roles instead of a contrived deep seeded guilt and shame.

The Illuminati, New World Order and George Soros’s ilk are Satanists who are at war with the traditional nuclear family. Nothing infuriates these powers more than a heterosexual couple making homogeneous babies.

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**************GRAPHIC ADULT WARNING************

Cuckold programming web sites:

The Black New World Order

About – HARDCORE SLAVERY is the future of all mankind. SUBMIT! All nations will be ruled with a ROD of IRON. Only the finest of women will be our property and every man will be our bitch. Your children will be bred appropriately. Little boys will be transsexualized and little girls will be BBC sluts. Prepare for total dick-down domination; for the Saints of the Most High shall TAKE the kingdom! We are the Chosen of The LORD. Decide: SLAVERY OR DEATH. Choose wisely. Praise ye The LORD

Sissies Who Dream of the New World Order

There are a growing number of these kinds of porn sites on the internet.


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