New Sharia Police Patrol Forming In Hamburg | Chris Tomlinson – Breitbart

The woman, who preferred to remain anonymous, told the paper that she clearly saw the words “Sharia Police” on the vehicle. The original sharia police were formed in 2014 by radical preacher and Islamic convert Sven Lau. Lau formed the group in order to tackle what he deemed unIslamic or “haram” behaviour in Wuppertal. The group wore high-visibility jackets with the words “Sharia Police” on the back.

The leader of this roving band of vigilantes: none other than Sven Lau, 34, a German-born firebrand who was once accused of recruiting fighters in Syria for the Islamic State, or ISIS. Lau beat the charges, but his image as the country’s most notorious religious radical has stuck, thanks in part to a rabid YouTube following. After Lau announced the first patrol—during which members wore orange construction worker vests with “Sharia Police” on the back—the reaction was swift, and not just from skinheads and neo-Nazis. No, the image of Islamic extremists taking over the streets fed into the fears of many Germans at a time when the country is in the grips of a tense debate over an influx of Muslim refugees and immigrants.

The patrols harassed locals in the area who were drinking, gambling, or engaging in any other activity considered socially acceptable in the West which would otherwise be considered haram in Muslim countries. The group also put up stickers – much like their British “Sharia Patrol” counterparts – indicating areas that were “sharia controlled zones” and subject to the Islamic holy law, rather than German secular laws. Alcohol, gambling, music, pornography, prostitution, and drugs were all said to be banned in the area by the group.

Sven Lau German Convert to Radical Islam

Sven Lau himself was revealed to have ties to radical Islamic groups earlier this year after he was arrested on suspicion of aiding and recruiting for Islamic State. German prosecutors alleged that Lau had bought night vision goggles and other equipment in order to aid the group, and had made several trips to the Middle East where authorities say he made contact with Islamic State.

Source: New Sharia Police Patrol Forming In Hamburg



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