Donald Trump’s Rise Terrifies NWO: Alex Soros Courts ‘Next President’ Tim Kaine | saboteur365

Tim Kaine

Although Tim Kaine is Hillary’s running mate, he will be the next president of the United States.

One theory floating around the Internet is that the (((elites))) know that Hillary is dying and won’t make it into the White House. She’ll win, but it will be her scummy running mate Time Kaine who becomes president. I’ve been seeing rumors that he’s a Soros puppet. Rumors now confirmed.

These same rumors say that the voting machine tallies are rigged, so that Trump stands no chance.

That thought shouldn’t deter anyone from voting for Trump.

Alex Soros

You can see the access that Soros has in this story. He wants open borders and amnesty. He wants the Trans-Pacific Partnership. He wants to flood the U.S. with Syrian refugees. He’ll get it all and more.

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  1. Also the book Animal farm which is about a farm where all the animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others. Does that sound familiar? Your awake. You could if you wanted to, take what you just wrote clean it up, add some attributions, elaborate and turn this into a political commentary article. If you did this you could post it as a article on this site and others with full attributions. Well that is up to you but I see the seeds for some good political commentary here. Keep it coming. Thanks.


  2. Open borders is part of the New World Order agenda. The likes of the Bilderberg Group member George Soros control Clinton/Obama/Bush. They are one in the same except to the Marx “Useful Idiots” that make up both parties. The Luciferian agenda is written in the Georgia Guidestones for all to see. Kind of like Goldman Sachs running the show, which is the Rothchilds/Warburgs etc. Albert Pike’s three world wars is getting very close. The dumbing down of society is the slow boil. The Paris Climate Agreement is that humanity is the problem. The NWO replaces God. Wolves in sheeps clothing. You believe the Ford Foundation and Soros giving 170 million to BLM is cause they down for the struggle or the manufactured Middle East mess? Read the Pike plan to use the Muslims to proliferate WWIII. The EEU and the UN are all by their design. Woodrow Wilson was one of these elitist but League of Nations and his stroke didn’t work. In short the elitist telling use Useful Idiots when to live and when to die. The New Testament is your guide to freedom but many want to be controlled like cattle, becoming the idiots they believe you are. George Orwell’s 1984. HELLO! War on Drugs? Really? War on Morality.


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