Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! | Dr. Ruckman on Waco 1993 – The Passover Flock

They call evil good and good evil – Devils speak with forked tongue 

By Don Koenig

In the last days the scriptures indicate people will speak with forked tongue. Darkness would be called light and evil good and good evil. This is true today; schools teach children lies made up by agnostics who teach that there are no moral absolutes; governments tells lies to their citizens about all kinds of things; corporations lie to their workers about the the long term benefits they will receive; religions lies to their members about the nature of God and the true path to salvation. Lying is common in our society and few can be trusted to tell the truth.

Evolution is taught as fact even though it can be proven false by any real examination of the facts. Belief that even a single cell could evolve with its thousands of separate processes (each integrated and dependent on each other for its survival) is comparable to believing that atoms by time and chance could form into a functioning nuclear power plant that could simultaneously develop intelligence to regulate itself and interact with its customers.

Scientists know that the known universe is not old enough for life to have formed by chance alone, so some now extend time to infinity by saying that this universe came out of a mother universe and that mother universe came out of another mother universe and so on to absurdity. They create all these theories just so that they don’t have to believe that there was a Creator who spoke creation into existence.

Parents are told not to discipline their children physically contrary to scripture and the results are seen in children who are disrespectful to parents and to everyone in authority. More and more little kids with discipline problems are then given the world’s solution to discipline called “mind altering drugs”.

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