Will Trump’s Immigration Policy Speech End Wall Building Specualtions? | Shakeymclovin – TCOTD

Image result for donald trump the wall kilroy was hereAfter his visit to Mexico city Donald Trump will be giving a speech on his immigration policy tonight in Arizona. In Mexico he was asked if he discussed “the price of the wall” with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto. This was not discussed.

Bernstein research analysts says the company best positioned to build this wall would be a Mexican company called Cemex. Trump estimated the cost to be $10 billion and Cemex estimated from $15 – $25 billion. Will Trump offer some kind of amnesty to illegal immigrants to build the wall? This is what I personally think.

Tonight Trump will discuss his plan for immigration. Will he tell us how he is going to build this wall? Who is going to pay for it? President Nieto says that Mexico will not pay for this wall.

Trump supporters have been left in the dark on his plan to have Mexico pay for this wall. Tonight seems to be an excellent time NOT to be leaving everyone in the dark. Trump going to Mexico has just raised the issue to a new high. People are in a state of high anticipation.




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