Backpacks, Books, & the Smallest Victims of Persecution |

The overlooked victims of persecution are surely children.
They purposefully receive substandard education so that generation after generation of Christians remains stuck in the cycle of generational poverty. Most will likely never graduate from high school and those that do are barely employable.
Often, Christian kids don’t even have a chance to attend school at all simply because they are Christian or because of societal discrimination; their parents are poor and simply cannot afford uniforms and school fees.
They are shamed for their faith in the culture and even in the schools where they are often subjected to forced Islamic indoctrination at school in Muslim countries.
I’m sure, like me, you find this to be unacceptable and even despicable.
As an organization, ICC is committed to giving persecuted Christian kids the chance to rise above their circumstances and make something of themselves in this world in spite of what their culture tells them.
We have built schools, started orphanages, and provided scholarships to high achievers, and we have seen hundreds of children’s lives changed for the better.
We’re also building after-school programs where we train kids in English and in computers and disciple them. English and Computer competency take them to the top of the employment heap in just a few short years. All by investing a few hours with them each day after school.
We have been a victim of our own success, though, and the number of kids we are serving has overwhelmed our resources.
Our Kids Care fund is significantly in the red and we desperately need help. Will you come along side us and “adopt” one or more of our persecuted kids? 

Source: Backpacks, Books, & the Smallest Victims of Persecution


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