North Korea conducts ‘biggest atomic test yet’ as Pyongyang hails ‘nuclear warhead explosion’ 5.3-magnitude | Chris Graham, Julian Ryall, Tokyo  & Emma Gatten – The Telegraph

  • 5.3-magnitude “artificial earthquake” detected near North Korea’s main nuclear site
  • Nuclear test was country’s fifth and “most powerful” to date
  • North Korea says it conducted a “higher level” nuclear warhead test explosion
  • Explosion was at least twice as powerful as January test, almost as large as Hiroshima blast
  • South Korea condemns Kim Jong-un for “maniacal recklessness” 
  • China firmly opposes North Korea nuclear test

North Korea says it now has the power to mount a nuclear warhead on ballistic missiles that could be aimed at its enemies after conducting its biggest nuclear test yet, an explosion compared to the Hiroshima blast.

The test, the country’s fifth, was condemned by South Korea as “maniacal recklessness” and prompted the US to warn of “serious consequences.”

“Scientists (from)… the DPRK carried out a nuclear explosion test for the judgment of the power of a nuclear warhead newly studied and manufactured by them at the northern nuclear test ground,” a TV announcer said, using the North’s official name.

The test will also enable the North to produce “as many as it wants (of) a variety of smaller, lighter and diversified nuclear warheads of higher strike power”, she said.

Source: North Korea conducts ‘biggest atomic test yet’ as Pyongyang hails ‘nuclear warhead explosion’ 

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