Why Socialism Will Always Be with Us | David Solway – The American Thinker

Ignorance. I met with a representative group and inquired where the money would come from. The response was: “le gouvernement.” When I suggested that nothing is free and that someone has to pay for someone else’s “free stuff,” the fact simply did not register.

Naiveté is often maintained to the death, as in the case of the Bolsheviks who discovered they were enemies of the state and faced the firing squads or expired in the Gulags, or the Iranian leftists who ardently backed Ayatollah Khomeini’s overthrow of the Pahlavi monarchy, only to find themselves rotting in Evin prison.

Duplicity. As Thomas DiLorenzo observes in his compendious The Problem with Socialism, replete with all the corroborative data a skeptic would need, socialism “is a form of economic poison that destroys prosperity and is the biggest generator of poverty the world has known” — from bread lines in the Soviet Union to rented coffins in Venezuela.

Read article in its entirety: Articles: Why Socialism Will Always Be with Us

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