Is the United States supporting ISIS? | freedomfighter1995 – aussieconservativeblog

Its been an accusation leveled at the United States on several occasions, due to its foreign policy pursued in Syria. We know already about the suspicious Islamist leanings of Barrack Obama, and the curious inaction of his administration to’degrade and ultimately destroy ISIS’, as was once promised.

But is it possible really, to definitively determine whether or not Obama is aiming to support the Islamic State? Probably not, but with the US’s continued actions which have continued to hinder the primary enemy of the Islamic State, as witnessed in the recent bombing of 62 Syrian soldiers, these questions will only grow in frequency.

“Russia accuses US of BACKING ISIS after blundering airstrike hands death cult victory”, Express, September 18 2016:

Source: Is the United States supporting ISIS? – aussieconservativeblog

Origin of ISIS | Ben Swann – Truth in Media



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