Korn Bassist ‘Fieldy’ Describes ‘Mindblowing Encounter’ With Jesus | Anugrah Kumar – Christian Post

Bassist Reginald “Fieldy” Arvizu of the nu metal band Korn shared about his “very mindblowing encounter” with Jesus, just as it happened also to the band co-founder Brian “Head” Welch, and said that’s one reason why he is now “easier to get along with.”

“It’s a very mindblowing encounter when it happens; it’s undeniable,” Fieldy said during an interview with Spirit 105.3. “It’s completely so real that it almost will knock you on your back for a year before you realize, ‘Wow! This is really going on.’ So, yeah, ten years later, every single day that goes by, it’s just undeniable,” he added, according to the transcript of the radio show published by BlabberMouth.net.

“I’ve heard friends of mine say before… They’re, like, ‘It’s no big deal to become a Christian. All you’ve gotta do is change everything.’ [Laughs] That’s why I think people are afraid — because they think, ‘Well, I’m not ready for that,'” the bassist continued. “Well, you’re never gonna be ready for that. Jesus says, ‘Come as you are.’ He wants to clean you up. That’s why people get religion mixed up. ‘Ah, I see you’ve become religious.’ I’m, like, ‘That’s where you have it twisted. I’m not religious.’ I had an encounter with Jesus, and I want a personal relationship. And that’s the only difference, I find over the years, that people keep confusing.”

Source: Korn Bassist ‘Fieldy’ Describes ‘Mindblowing Encounter’ With Jesus


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