Race Baiting Media fails Desperately to pressure Lil Wayne into supporting Black Lives Matter | Matt633 – The CD


Watch as the race baiting liberal media desperately try to instigate racism onto Lil Wayne using NLP. Lil Wayne who looks quite stoned in this interview continues to focus on racial harmony. According to Fritz Springmieir, “The mind does not program well under marijuana.” Marijuana is the one drug that the mind controllers do not like for this very reason.

The Illuminati formula used to create an undetectable total mind controlled slave. – Fritz Springmieir

Lil Wayne explains, “I have no opinion” and “I still have no opinion” and the host then says, “So your a deep thinker.” He then asks Lil Wayne to give an opinion on race relations. Lil replies that, “he is blessed and has never experienced racism.” “So you never experienced any racism?” “Wow, you are really are blessed!” the host states in disbelief.

The second host comes in and the race baiting continues, just short of begging for Wayne to say something racially divisive. Yet through it all they just could not get Lil Wayne in on the race baiting. Looks like this Illuminati puppet is so high and needs to be briefed on the agenda or he has flown the coup. For now I will go with the former.

Undisputed has been Disputed.


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