Standing Stone Camp, North Dakota Revisited | Jason Van Tatenhove – Oath Keepers

The sky was a grey mist shedding down along the mountain peaks as I traveled back through the high gates of Glacier National Park in northwest Montana enroute to North Dakota. This is the second time that I have traveled to the Sacred Stone Camp about 50 minutes south of the North Dakota State capitol of Bismarck. It takes about 14 hours to drive the 2 states, which put my arrival at the camp at just about midnight. I felt I needed to return to see how things would play out after the K9 attacks and the Governor’s call up of 100 National Guard troops.  I had heard from my contacts that had been at the camp for the past two weeks that there was a rumor that the Guard would be coming through at 0630 to arrest those protestors on the front lines.

I found where my friends were camped and slept in my car that night to maybe get a chance to cover the possible arrests. As is so often the case in these types of protests, mis-information runs amuck and this was no different. As the sun rose there were no national guardsmen to be seen, except for at the now official military check point along Highway 1806. I had a chance to quickly interview one of the guardsmen asking him if he felt that this could be a violation of citizens’ first amendment rights. Here is my video of that interaction.

Source: Standing Stone Camp, North Dakota Revisited | Oath Keepers


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