Did Anthony Weiner Homeschool a 15-Year-Old? | Jeannie DeAngelis – American Thinker

Last month, while his wife was at work, and his 4-year-old son Jordan Zain slept beside him, Anthony Weiner, aka Carlos Danger, spent the evening sexting a picture of his engorged manhood to a shapely Trump supporter.  Weiner got sloppy and got caught.

Recently, the world’s most famous sexter was caught again.

For months, while his wife Huma was busy administering CPR to Hillary Clinton, Weiner, with too much free time on his hands, was sending lewd messages to a school-aged girl. This time, the object of the sext addict’s on-line attention was a 15-year-old teenager from North Carolina.

And while that may be shocking to some, what’s more shocking is the liberal outrage over Weiner’s purported shenanigans.  Aren’t liberals usually the ones celebrating unbridled sexuality? And doesn’t the left make it their life’s work to sexualize children as early as possible?

Source: Blog: Did Anthony Weiner Homeschool a 15-Year-Old?


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  1. […] I’ve just talked to you about the ongoing coup and counter coup that is being initiated by the Clintons on the one hand and counter coup by the FBI, the New York police department and other branches of our intelligence community. The important part to remember is also that not all the information has come out with regards to Weiner and his sexting to a fifteen-year-old North Carolina teenager. […]


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