Doctors Claim Birth Defects Caused By Pesticides, Not Zika Virus | Baxter Dmitry – InvestmentWatch

The symptoms of Zika are identical to the symptoms of mild pesticide poisoning.

Argentinian and Brazilian doctors claim that the addition of a toxic pesticide to Brazil’s drinking water is to blame for the increase in birth defects – not the Zika virus. According to doctors, Zika virus scaremongering is being used to cover up one of the worst mass poisonings in history.

With 2014’s Ebola panic all but forgotten, many Americans are now in a frenzy over the spread of the Zika virus. The Zika virus, and the media-driven panic of its spread, began in late 2015 following widespread birth deformations in Brazil, which were quickly linked to Zika.

The link between Zika and microcephaly, the most striking birth defect allegedly caused by the virus, was largely based on a scientific paper by A.S. Oliveira Melo that found Zika in the amniotic fluids and other tissues in two cases.

That’s right, only two women were examined in the study and the virus wasn’t even found in their blood, just the amniotic fluid. The New York Times reported in February of this year that only 17 of the 404 confirmed cases of microcephaly, only 4.2%, tested positive for Zika.

Trueactivist reports: Doctors Claim Birth Defects Caused By Pesticides, Not Zika Virus « InvestmentWatch


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