How Safe is Your Cell Phone? | Kerry Crofton, – PhD 

The design is sleek; the technology impressive; the camera stunning; the sound awesome. And this digital device is even more high-powered – if only it were safe.

And big news, there is no headphone jack.

Apple™ states “The new AirPods offer a game-changing listening experience. Designed with a huge amount of forward-thinking technology inside a tiny device, these wireless headphones combine crystal clear sound with a new sense of freedom.”

While this innovation delights tech enthusiasts, prominent public health experts are raising the alarm.

Why the concern?

Simply, there is a growing body of scientific evidence that wireless microwave radiation is potentially harmful to human health, including damage to DNA, leakage of the blood-brain barrier, cognitive impairment and cardiac symptoms.

How can this be?

Surely there are safety standards limiting our exposure and manufacturers must comply? And someone is monitoring the rapid rise of WiFi and other digital technology for adverse health effects?

After more than a decade studying and writing about this issue, it seems clear to me the accuracy of safety standards is a key factor.

This is why experts, including Dr Martin Blank – a cell biologist who published more than two hundred peer-reviewed studies while a professor at Columbia University – are calling for a review of these standards.

Dr. Blank cautions, “We don’t feel this radiation and we think it’s not doing anything, but it’s a very potent biological agent and government safety standards are irrelevant. There is evidence of harm; the standards are not protecting us.”

“Government regulators are just plain wrong”. The environmental health physician, Dr. David Carpenter, made that hard-hitting statement.

“Irrelevant”, “Just plain wrong”?

This is because the standards are set only for radiation powerful enough to heat human tissue. They do not consider the ‘low’ levels emitted by WiFi, mobile phones and wireless headsets.

Source: How Safe is Your Cell Phone? | Anti-Aging News


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