Not Magic…Quantum | Eleanor Hutterer – Los Alamos National Laboratory LANL 1663

commercial quantum-computer processor

The world’s first commercial quantum-computer processor is smaller than a wristwatch and can evaluate more possibilities simultaneously than there are atoms in the visible universe. CREDIT: D-Wave Systems, Inc.

Image result for Not Magic... Quantum - D-Wave system at Los Alamos mandelaQuantum computers have long been on the horizon as conventional computing technologies approach their physical limits. While general-purpose quantum computers remain on the horizon for the time being, a special kind of quantum computer already exists and could be a game changer for simulation and computing tools in support of Los Alamos National Laboratory’s mission of stockpile stewardship without nuclear testing. It may also enable a slew of broader national security and computer science applications. But first, it will undoubtedly draw a vibrant community of top creative thinkers in many scientific fields to Los Alamos.

Source: Not Magic…Quantum


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