5 Vital Stories the Media is Covering Up With Irrational Fear of ‘Evil Clowns’ | Claire Bernish – The Free Thought Project

As any watchdog group or activist will tell you, when an otherwise unworthy item inflames national fears and is subsequently, constantly the subject of headlines, consider it a purposeful distraction — and search for imminently worthier issues the government would rather not be widely discussed.

So, while the government-influenced corporate media appeals to the public’s visceral clown angst, consider the following items which are, in actuality, horrifying.

1. The (disastrously failed) War on Drugs is making addicts of young children.

Big Pharma has capitalized on the propagandized and politicized failure of a drug war to provide actual dangerous substances to young children — sometimes disguised as candy to make them more palatable. In January, the FDA deemed safe a pharmaceutical similar to notorious Adderall for children as young as six, in a chewable, fruit-flavored formulation. Warning side effects could be as severe as death, the FDA nonetheless green-lighted amphetamines for kids. But it wasn’t the first time the government agency decided dangerous substances were perfectly acceptable for children.

Last year, the FDA gave the go ahead for OxyContin — an opioid pain medication considered largely ineffective and insanely addictive — to be prescribed to kids as young as 11.

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