Here’s The Clever Reason Behind Thousands Of Facebook Users Falsely Checking In At Standing Rock | Brianna Acuesta – True Activist

Checking in takes little effort but can make a big difference.

Credit: John Mone

Thousands of people are joining protestors at Standing Rock today…  Or so it seems. Though not appearing physically, thousands of supporters are checking in at the Indian reservation on Facebook as a show of solidarity for one simple reason: to confuse the local sheriffs.

Protesters have claimed that the Morton County Sheriff’s Department has used the social media site to track check-ins and other public activities to monitor the protestor’s intentions and events and “disrupt the prayer camps.” Though the department has vehemently denied these claims and called them “absolutely false,” those at Standing Rock aren’t so convinced.

A representative from Standing Rock protester group Sacred Stone Camp said this:

“There is no doubt that law enforcement comb social media for incriminating material and monitor communications. There is no solid line between ‘organizers’ and ‘others’- this is a movement, not an organization. There are many camps and points of contact, we can only verify that it did not originate from the Sacred Stone Camp FB page. We support the tactic, and think it is a great way to express solidarity.”

By checking in, authorities that are attempting to keep track of the people that are actually at the protest may become confused at the sheer volume of check-ins and not be able to find the people that are truly there and posting updates. It’s a small move that can help the people putting their life on the line to stop this pipeline.

Credit: Robyn Beck

Conditions at the protesting site have worsened as violence has increased in recent weeks. Last week, 140 people were arrested, and both sides have said that the other group was the one inciting violence and aggressive responses. Armed authorities from seven other states were called in to keep the protestors in check and accusations have been made against them.

The protestors, who call themselves “water protectors,” have no intention of ceasing their efforts to stop the pipeline, especially in the wake of the North Dakota oil spill that has since leaked 67,000 gallons of crude oil into the Missouri River. These Native Americans and their supporters are fighting for their future and their right to clean drinking water and undisturbed land.

Would you consider checking in to show your support for the protest? Please share, like, and comment on this article!

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Source: Here’s The Clever Reason Behind Thousands Of Facebook Users Falsely Checking In At Standing Rock | True Activist


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