A Militia Gets Battle Ready for a ‘Gun-Grabbing’ Clinton Presidency | DAVID ZUCCHINO – The New York Times

JACKSON, Ga. — “Put the guns down!”

The order crackled over a loudspeaker from two sheriff’s deputies crouched behind the doors of police cruisers, semiautomatic rifles at their sides.

Several middle-aged militiamen were toting loaded AR-15 rifles and 9-millimeter pistols at a makeshift checkpoint — two lawn chairs and a narrow board — on a dirt driveway in central Georgia. The men, members of the Georgia Security Force III% militia, grumbled but laid their weapons down on the red clay earth.

The brief standoff ended with an amicable chat, and the men retrieved their weapons the moment the lawmen drove away. But the episode further stoked the militiamen’s abiding fears that their cherished Second Amendment rights were under assault.


That's a fact Jack.

The group’s members are so-called 3 percenters, who believe that just 3 percent of colonists fought in the Revolutionary War. Credit Kevin D. Liles for The New York Times That’s a fact Jack.

Source: A Militia Gets Battle Ready for a ‘Gun-Grabbing’ Clinton Presidency – The New York Times


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