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PizzaGate just got False Flagged to Stop the Investigation The powers that shouldn’t be are up to their old dirty tricks again. by titusfrost

Source: PizzaGate – False Flag Hoax starring IMDB Actor Edgar Maddison Welch — Steemit

Edgar Maddison Welch: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

3. Welch Struck a Teenager With His Car During an October 2016 Incident, Police Say

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Edgar Maddison Welch struck a teenager with his car, sending him to the hospital by helicopter, in October 2016, according to a report by WBTV.

The incident happened about 7:30 p.m. in Salisbury, North Carolina, the news station reports. Kenyatta Belton, 13, suffered head, torso and leg injuries after he was truck by Welch’s Buick LeSabre.

Witnesses told the news station that the victim was walking with several other friends when he was struck by the car.

“We was walking down the road, just a normal walk, and this one car had the full road,” Belton’s friend, Sean Lankford, told the news station. “We was pretty much on the white line and he wiped out one of my friends and he had the whole road to turn into even the whole other lane, even in the same lane he could have avoided him.”

“My friend is really really badly hurt, it’s just a normal walk gone bad and one car made a big difference,” Lankford told WBTV.

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Welch was not charged at the scene. Police told WBTV he was driving about 45 miles per hour, which is the speed limit on the road.

According to a police report obtained by Slate, the investigation into the incident is ongoing.

Welch has a criminal record, including a conviction for driving under the influence in 2013, which led to a sentence of 60 days in jail, according to court records. He was previously convicted in 2007 of driving after consuming alcohol while under 21.

Welch has had a brief career in the film industry, according to an IMDB profile. He was a production assistant on two independent films, “The Mill” and “A Tale About Bootlegging” and was an actor in another film, “The Bleeding” in 2009.

He also is credited as a writer on the short film “Mute.”

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