Forced to Watch ISIS Videos: Was Estaban Santiago A Mind Controlled Patsy? | Shakey Mclovin – The Center of the Decentralized

Santiago claimed the US government forced him to watch ISIS videos. This may indicate that he was being programmed.

In November, he showed up to the FBI’s field office in Anchorage, where he espoused conspiracy theories, including one claim the U.S. government was trying to force him to watch ISIS videos, the source said. Sources told ABC News that Santiago had received mental health treatment after the encounter with the FBI.

Bobby Kennedy assassin brainwashed by 'girl in polka dot dress'

Image result for sirhan sirhan polka dot dressDid he really think the FBI would help him? Did the FBI investigate his ‘conspiracy theories?’ It’s not like this sort of thing has never happened before. Sirhan Sirhan the man convicted of assassinating Robert F. Kennedy in 1968 was brainwashed into shooting him by a mysterious girl in a polka dot dress, his lawyers have claimed. Under hypnosis, he said that a mystery girl had let him into the pantry of the hotel where the shooting had taken place and had pinched him on the shoulder, a gesture which he said had sent him into “range mode.” In that mode, all he could see were circles with targets in front of his eyes as if he was on a firing range, he claimed. “I was fascinated with her looks,” he said. “She never said much. It was very erotic. I was consumed by her. She was a seductress with an unspoken unavailability.” Witnesses have spoken in the past of seeing a mystery girl running from the hotel shouting “We shot Kennedy” but she has never been identified.

Below: Derren Brown demonstrates how easy it is to turn someone into an active shooter by playing a video game, that is designed to put about a third of people who play it into a highly suggestable trance state. Watch what they do to this guy after he plays and then falls into a trance.

What mental health treatment did he receive? Was he prescribed SSRIs Seratonin Reuptake Inhibitors? And if so why was he allowed to have a gun? 257,000 former members of the military have lost their right to keep and bear arms after receiving financial management help from the VA. In an article outlining the practice, the Los Angeles Times quoted Dr. Marc Rosen, a Yale psychiatrist who has studied how veterans with health problems manage their money: “Someone can be incapable of managing their funds but not be dangerous, violent or unsafe,” he said. “They are very different determinations.”

Perhaps he was given a gun at the airport by a girl in a polka dot dress.


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