Is Hillary Clinton Perfectly Possessed? | Exorcist Father Malachi Martin – Art Bell Coast to Coast

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Queen of the flies.

“The peculiar thing is that these people are usually highly sophisticated, and the last thing you would suspect is that they were in league with the Devil. But there is always something about them. It may be a look in their eyes, a tone of voice, a sense of coldness, of contempt. Some- thing inhuman. When you encounter it, you know you have met the true enemy.” Father Malachi Martin

Image result for Hillary clinton possessedRelated imageImage result for Hillary clinton possessedfireshot-screen-capture-071-exposed_-insider-coup-to-sabotage-trump-alex-jones-infowars_-theres-a-war-on-for-your-mind-www_infowars_com_exposed-insider-coup-to-sabotage-trump

Full Interview Malachi Martin w/ Art Bell-

PERFECT POSSESSION, Father Malachi Martin



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