Former CIA Operative Robert David Steele: Trump Is Battling Pedophile Network | Alex Jones – Infowars

Alex Jones talks with former CIA operative Robert David Steele about Donald Trump’s ongoing war against the pedophile elite in Washington.

Robert David Steele: Pedophilia is the Achilles heel and Donald Trump has figured that out. Mike Flynn did not get fired because he called the Russians. Henry Kissinger sabotaged the paris peace talks and killed another 20,000 US troops and hundreds of thousands of others just to help Richard Nixon get elected. Hillary Clinton sold Syria and Yemen to Saudi Arabia for tens of millions of dollars. Flynn got fired because he has the arrogance to think he could tell Mattis and Tillerson what to do. He also managed to piss off the vice president. Flynn’s calls and this is insider information, included a conversation about a list of high-level people in the United States one of whom is Mike Pence’s best friend and Flynn did not tell Pence. And now the real issue is that the NSA has been spying on all our politicians with impunity and the CIA is leaking highly classified information as part of a cold political coup d’etat. If I were in Donald Trump’s shoes I would be shutting the NSA down. The NSA has no legislative charter and Donald Trump has the power to shut the NSA down.

George Soros and other billionares are behind what is going to be a violent American spring. Beginning as soon as the weather gets nice, tens of thousands of paid agitators across the country being bussed into Washinton DC on May Day.


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