Pray for Donald Trump, Witches Are Conducting Satanic Ritual to Stop Trump | Mark Dice 

Witches across the country conduct a “Mass Spell to Bind Donald Trump” in order to stop him. The Occult ceremony scheduled to take place at Midnight February 24th 2017. Media analyst Mark Dice has the story.



  1. hocuspocus13 · · Reply

    As I read this morning it never took place and good for that

    It’s nothing more than a farce

    Nonsense like this gives the Ancient Art a bad reputation

    …and PS…we are smack dab in the middle of the Dark Moon anyone who is serious about SpellWork would never cast during this time…

    Yes…WitchCraft is an exact Science and timing is everything

    Have a Great WeekEnd 🕯

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  2. hahaha… witches? satan? hahaha


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