A New Low: Dan Grilo Calls Fallen Navy Seal’s Widow An Idiot On Twitter | The Center of the Decentralized

While adressing congress President Trump honors Navy Seal Ryan Owen’s widow Carryn. Owens gets standing ovation 2/28/2017

Ryan Owens, a real American hero, lost his life defending our rights and security for democrats and replublicans. His family, his widow and his memory should be honored with the utmost respect. Carryn Owens looked up to heaven with real tears in her eyes and said, “I love you, baby.” This was not the fake tears of Chuck or Amy Schumer.

Chuck’s neice Amy

Image result for animated Chuck schumer crying

May God bless Ryan Owens and his family for their ultimate sacrifice.

Former Hillary volunteer and former Chicago-based ‘Liberty Advisor Group’ employee Dan Grilo looking self satisfied makes me sick. I am glad he was fired, I would love to see him deported to Yemen and I hope he runs into some Navy Seals on the way.

Image result for dan grilo

Grilo you are the idiot and a hateful psychopath.


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