Meet Millie ‘The Trump Girl’ | America First Project

11 years old Millie the Trump Girl is amazing! She’s a natural!



  1. F. March · · Reply

    Not rehearsed. Amazing thing is that this was a one shot interview and not edited. The interview was not prearranged and a spontaneous event. There may have been some miss spoken words, but she was pretty good. This was not a campaign speech, but she has given a campaign speech and in those situations you do have a script any practice. This was not staged, scripted, or practiced. All children are special and have different talents. One of Millie’s talents is politics.


  2. Derek D Smith · · Reply

    I think you interpreted this incorrectly she rehearsed, practiced it many times over and probaly recorded it several times until it was just right. She was acting!! She was in costume, responded to where you from with Northern Virginia what 11 year old is not proud to say where there from? Not one misspoken word, no pauses to contempt her well thought out answers. I think that’s enough to call it “fake” news. Nowhere does America First Project claim to be news, It’s about as real as Colbert as a Conservative reporter on the tonight show. Millie the Trump Girl, SURE. 11 that’s 6th grade Bull Hockey.


  3. Shannon Glass · · Reply

    I hope this little girl is a zucess. For now she needs to be a kid. Pathetic that some Republican adults have filled her head with these lies. Betsy DeVos isn’t qualified for the job she bought from donny trump. She thinks donny is going to bring jobs back to the USA. Hun, donny’s products are made in China, Mexico, Bangladesh, Turkey and where else donny. He’s harming the ppl of your state. donny is a wannabe DICTATOR. He’s mentally unstable & stupid. ✔


  4. I don’t know the kid, but I’m not a fan.
    If I want political advice from the mind
    of a child, I’ll watch the news and hear what
    Kelly Anne is saying or go to twitter and see
    what Donnie is up to.


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