Meet Millie ‘The Trump Girl’ | America First Project

11 years old Millie the Trump Girl is amazing! She’s a natural!



  1. Shannon Glass · · Reply

    I hope this little girl is a zucess. For now she needs to be a kid. Pathetic that some Republican adults have filled her head with these lies. Betsy DeVos isn’t qualified for the job she bought from donny trump. She thinks donny is going to bring jobs back to the USA. Hun, donny’s products are made in China, Mexico, Bangladesh, Turkey and where else donny. He’s harming the ppl of your state. donny is a wannabe DICTATOR. He’s mentally unstable & stupid. ✔


  2. I don’t know the kid, but I’m not a fan.
    If I want political advice from the mind
    of a child, I’ll watch the news and hear what
    Kelly Anne is saying or go to twitter and see
    what Donnie is up to.


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