Democrats Love Socialism: See How Well It’s Working For People In The Most Oil Rich Nation, Venezuela | Ami Horowitz

Far left democrats say there is nothing wrong with socialism. They think socialism is great. In socialist Venezuela, a nation with the world’s largest oil reserves, people are so hungry they are hunting the streets for cats, dogs and pigeons to eat. Venezuela has sunken to violence, hunger and corruption.

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People pass out while standing in lines for food. They wait on line all day and night and still no guarantee of food. The lines are controlled by the government approved mafia called, ‘the collective.’ The collective buses in their own people before the stores are open to ensure they get all the food.

Related imageThere are only two classes in Venezuela, the poor and the super rich. The middle class has been eliminated. The people cannot have anything without living in fear of being robbed. Less than one tenth the population of the United States, strict gun laws and three times the murders. Many murders go unreported. Bullet holes riddle the streets of the barrio. People are being robbed by the police and gangs. Everyone knows someone who has been killed. In broad daylight a man has been shot in the street as police pass by doing nothing.

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Wake up America. The Venezuelans warn that socialism is lie. It has lead their nation to chaos, violence, starvation and crime. Venezuela has the largest oil reserves, they should be the richest nation in the world and yet the people are starving and being murdered at a higher rate than Baghdad.

Democrats in the U.S. still think socialist nations are the most productive, the people are the happiest and they have the least amount of crime and violence. As they call for socialism and say Donald Trump is a Nazi they forget Nazis were the National ‘Socialist’ Party of Germany. Can someone say cognitive dissonance?


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