Creepy Clown Sightings; Hollywood Mind Control: An ‘Inside Job’ By Warner Brothers Marketing Stunt For New Stephen King ‘It’ Movie | Baxter Dmitry – InvestmentWatch

The killer clown craze was started by Warner Brothers as a viral marketing stunt, according to a former employee.

Image result for stephen king itCharged with creating a “cheap, viral campaign” for the upcoming 2017 remake of the movie IT, the viral marketing manager says his team created the killer clown idea as a way of “making clowns scary again.

The stunt didn’t get off the ground smoothly though, with “six or seven” attempts at kickstarting the craze falling flat.

We sent clowns out six or seven times to scare people, but it wasn’t catching. Nobody gave a shit. We needed to up the ante so we had to go a bit dark.

Claiming he was part of the marketing team who created the idea, the former employee explains that in order to make people “sit up and take notice” the clowns had to target young children.

Source: Killer Clown Craze An ‘Inside Job’ By Warner Brothers « InvestmentWatch

Targeting children? Suicide Squad is another Warner Bros. movie featuring creepy clown characters. This is a letter to Jared Leto from the director of a children’s hospital. She begs Leto to stop visiting the hospital as the joker and terrorizing children. Is Warner Bros. behind this? Did they send him out as a sick publicity stunt to promote the evil clown archetype?

At the low end of the pyramid it would be believed this is being done to promote these kinds of movies. But what is behind that may be even more sinister. After you read this letter you will see that Mr. Leto was not doing this to help children but instead to scare them. Mr. Leto was not invited and the children were not even terminal. As you will see this is more evidence of a sick publicity stunt.-Poster

Image result for jay leto joker creepy clown

Dear Mr. Leto, Please Stop Visiting Our Children’s Hospital Dressed As The Joker | Daniel Kibblesmith – Medium

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Writer, @ColbertLateShow; Comics (THE DOORMAN from @HeavyMetalInk #1-3 out now); Co-Author of Humor Book HOW TO WIN AT EVERYTHING; Actual Swamp Monster

From: Molly Bohmer
Communications Director
East Suburban Children’s Hospital

Dear Mr. Leto,

I am not familiar with your work. I understand that you are an actor of some note, and may have even won an Academy Award (congratulations). Under normal circumstances we would be delighted to have your involvement in promoting or fundraising for our pediatric medical facility. But I write to you today to ask that you, please, from the bottom of my heart, stop visiting our children’s hospital dressed as the Joker.

It is beyond inappropriate.

During your first visit, there was a great deal of confusion about who you were, and why you were here, dressed as what was described to me over the phone as “some kind of European monster.” It was not until a younger orderly recognized you from the commercials that word spread that a movie star was visiting us, and in character as his comic book alter-ego no less.

However, in these circumstances, the event is usually requested by the families and planned well in advance with the help of the celebrity’s publicity team and a third-party charity organization. You simply double-parked in our ambulance zone in what appeared to be a car covered in imitation (?) diamonds, flung your arms wide, and declared yourself to be “Gotham’s reckoning.” If you recall, you then kicked open the door where nine-year-old Sarah Matthews was recuperating from a common inguinal hernia repair, shouted “Where’s the birthday girl?!” and produced a live tarantula that you allowed to crawl freely on your face.

This was just the first visit.

Read more here: Dear Mr. Leto: Please Stop Visiting Our Children’s Hospital Dressed As The Joker — Medium


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