Investigative Report: Colleges Are Now Giant Psychiatric Facilities | Jon Rappoport – Infowars

U.S. colleges have been turned into weapons of psychological warfare.

Micro-agressions, triggered and safe spaces. The number one mind control program at US colleges. From the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) statistic in one year 25% of all college students have been diagnosed or treated for a mental disorder. These colleges and universities have been turned into psychiatric clinics. Whether it is a diagnosis of ADHD, clinical depression or bi-polar. And the treatment with highly active toxic brain scrambling drugs that create a distorted sense of reality. Creates a culture of victimhood. Now the victim card is there. You can play anytime you like. The excuse the dog ate my homework is now I have a mental disorder.

Now with that underlining framework students can be triggered and have the right to crazy talk. Now we have the right to a safe spaces and teachers and staff must attend to us. We can regress back to children (arrested development) because we have a diagnosis from a “mental health professional.”

The profession of psychology is eating the country out from the inside. The psychiatric bible or the DSM, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual is printed by the APA the American Psychological Association and updated every few years. There is a list and description of roughly 300 separate and distinct mental disorders by name. There is no defining physical diagnostic test for any of those 300 disorders.

A psychologist can diagnose you, a child or a student in a college with anything he or she wants to. Then comes the hammer and the hammer is the drugs.

In case you’re thinking of trying to worm out of my argument here and say
well but we know that all these mental disorders are chemical imbalances in the brain. False, no wrong, absolutely wrong because first of all there is no baseline normal tests for what a normal baseline chemical balance in the brain is. I (John Rappaport) have documented through the admission of Dr. Ronald Pies who said, “the chemical imbalance theory of mental imbalance was always an urban myth.” So all these college students and everyone else are completely at the mercy of these psychologists who say you have this disorder or that disorder.
And now comes the drugs. Anti-depressants, Zoloft, Prozac, Paxil and so forth. You can see the effects of these drugs cited in study after study and their influence into pushing people into violence. From throwing a rock through a window or murder/suicide as a result of SSRI, anti depressants.

Toxic Psychiatry: Why Therapy, Empathy and Love Must Replace the Drugs, Electroshock, and Biochemical Theories of the “New Psychiatry”by Peter R. Breggin @Amazon

1a0zxltai-cevtfizwqqk8fgesvy7f2rljnt7eqfxjqThen there are the major tranquilizers or Neuroleptics; Thorazine, Haldol. they are creating motor damage – your ability to move and function physiologically as a human being is damaged by these drugs.

Psychology is basically a mind control program. Diagnosis with no tests completely arbitrary. Giving a sense of having a mental disorder and now your a victim and you need a safe space. It is a extension of Mkultra of the CIA into the entire society right out in the open.
So a real revolution is needed in colleges. They are little nests that produce violence and insanity. That is where the insanity begins.
Mind control is slavery of the mind.

Source: Investigative Report: Colleges Are Now Giant Psychiatric Facilities » Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!


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