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DNC/Clinton Lawyer Provided Documents For Russian Probe in Late 2016


4 Things You Need To Know About the OIG/FBI Report | Ben Swann – Reality Check

The Clinton Pedophilia Connection | Steve Pieczenik Talks

ALWAYS TRUMP! ‏@Always_Trump Oct 30 Will this be the fatal shot? NYPD talking about Child Porn ring involvement. This is NOT confirmed, but would gut Dems. #GoHillary #CNNSOTU Transcript: Nov 1, 2016. Dr. Steve Pieczenik I’ve just talked to you about the ongoing coup and counter coup that is being initiated by the Clintons on […]

The 3 Stages of Trump | Shakey Mclovin – The Center of the Decentralized

Since Donald Trump announced his candidacy for president he has been ridiculed. Most thought it was a joke. They called him nuts. The left and also the right didn’t take him seriously. After winning the primary people started taking him seriously and began listening to what he had to say. Still facing criticism he ran against Hillary. They […]

Prof: ‘people are going to die’ because of white Trump voters | Anthony Gockowski – Campus Reform

Shortly after the shocking election of Donald Trump, one professor at Saint Joseph’s University used his platform to announce that he has no sympathy whatsoever for struggling “white voters.” He also told minority students in the class that “you do not have to open your heart” to white Trump supporters, though he clarified that “I’m […]

Records: Soros Fund Execs Funded Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, John McCain, John Kasich, Lindsey Graham in 2016 | Matthew Boyle – Breitbart

Employees of a hedge fund founded by the king of the Institutional Left, billionaire and Democratic Party mega-donor George Soros, donated tens of thousands of dollars to top Republicans who fought against President Donald Trump in 2016, donation records compiled by the Center for Responsive Politics show. Soros Fund Management, a former hedge fund that […]

Riots are Waking up Students to the Truth of Trump | Alternative Media Central