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Prescription Opioids Killing Thousands of Children Each Year | Fiona Miller – Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!

A new study published in JAMA Pediatrics has shown that children and teenagers are at a greater risk than ever of being poisoned by opioids, typically by consuming prescriptions that were prescribed for other family members. The problem has become so bad, that the number of children hospitalized for opioid poisoning has risen 165% from 1997 to […]

Rows over study which claims antidepressants double suicide risks | Laura Donnelly – The Telegraph

Anti-depressants could double the risk of feelings that could lead to suicide, according to a new study which has triggered furious rows. Researchers behind the Danish review said the study demolished “potentially lethal misconceptions” about the safety of the drugs, which are taken by more than 4 million Britons a year. The analysis examined 13 […]

Certain medications cause people to commit murder… homicide risk increased by 31% to 200%… 100 million Americans take these drugs | Mike Adams –

(NaturalNews) Just as Natural News has warned for over a decade, mind-altering medications such as tranquilizers and psychiatric drugs (SSRIs) have now been confirmed to increase the risk of a person committing murder. A new study published in the journal World Psychiatry (June 1 edition, not yet found on the web) found that several classes […]

Do Antidepressants Affect Gut Health? | Dr. Group – Global Healing Center

Antidepressants are a controversial class of prescription medicine used to treat or prevent clinical depression. An estimated 30 million Americans are currently taking antidepressants. The use of these drugs has skyrocketed over the last 15 years, likely due to increased marketing and social acceptance of depression and psychoactive pharmaceuticals.[1] Antidepressant use comes with severe side […]

Was Dallas Shooter On SSRI’s? – YouTube

You will know the name of his first pet before they report that their biggest sponsors’ products side effects are behind violent homicidal and suicidal terrorist acts. Twenty veterans commit suicide a day. Yet no one asks is it the prescribed SSRIs. MSM will never ask if the killer was on SSRIs. They simply […]

Mental Health Studies Rigged | American Free Press By James Spounias

Mental Health Studies Rigged By James Spounias —June 15, 2015 • Government hides shocking truth: 500,000 deaths swept under the rug. In a critically important study ignored by the talking head, corporate-controlled media, professor Peter C. Gøtzsche noted that antidepressant and antipsychotic medications in America and Europe are responsible for more than 500,000 deaths every year of […]