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“Black Mask White Liberals Don’t Care About Black People” “I’m off the Plantation Bro!” | Candace Owens @StanfordCollegeRepublicans – VFN Very Fake News/Infowars

Candace Owens Powerful New Video – “I’m Off The Plantation” Alex Jones breaks down the latest viral video showing a black college student exposing Black Lives Matter and virtue-signaling liberals. Black Lives Matters is funded by Nazi collaborator and globalist George Soros. 33 million dollars. BLM was started by three lesbian women. What does is […]

Malcom X – Blacks Who Vote for Democrats: “Your a Chump!” | IMPEACH THE SOCIALIST OBAMA

  “Your not only a chump but a traitor to your race.” Malcolm X The Racist Democrat Party: The Republican Party was founded to end slavery while Democrats sought secession to preserve the practice. Black Americans vote overwhelmingly for the Democratic Party—a party whose failed socialist policies have turned black communities into economic and social […]

The 3 Stages of Trump | Shakey Mclovin – The Center of the Decentralized

Since Donald Trump announced his candidacy for president he has been ridiculed. Most thought it was a joke. They called him nuts. The left and also the right didn’t take him seriously. After winning the primary people started taking him seriously and began listening to what he had to say. Still facing criticism he ran against Hillary. They […]

CHUCK SCHUMER Spreads FAKE NEWS To The Hen Peckers At THE VIEW! BUSTED! | Pamela Williams – InvestmentWatch

The View a liberal echo chamber of lies for the globalist NWO for parrot head repeaters who let the MSM think for them. Senator Chuck Schumer recently appeared on ABC’S THE VIEW. He was so eager to speak, he could barely sit still, as he squirmed in his seat. After some brief conversation with the […]

A New Low: Dan Grilo Calls Fallen Navy Seal’s Widow An Idiot On Twitter | The Center of the Decentralized

While adressing congress President Trump honors Navy Seal Ryan Owen’s widow Carryn. Owens gets standing ovation 2/28/2017 Ryan Owens, a real American hero, lost his life defending our rights and security for democrats and replublicans. His family, his widow and his memory should be honored with the utmost respect. Carryn Owens looked up to heaven with […]

Who Needs Vetting: Dems Hacked and Robbed by Muslim Bros That They Hired | David Knight – Infowars

While they whine about Trump’s extreme vetting of individuals from countries Obama deemed dangerous enough to bomb, over 2 dozen Congressional Democrats have been robbed and hacked by not Russians, but Muslim brothers. The news comes immediately after a raid in Yemen where a Navy SEAL was killed when the SEAL raid was ruined by […]

Riots are Waking up Students to the Truth of Trump | Alternative Media Central