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BREAKING: Ohio Teachers Union Presidents Defends “physical, sexual, verbal” Abuse of Children | Project Veritas

Project Veritas has released an investigation into the behavior of teacher’s union officials continues in Ohio. The scenario is relatively straightforward, our undercover journalist tells the union official his imaginary brother has had a violent altercation with a student. Once again, we hear encouragement that the brother will more than likely get away with the […]

Armed Resource Officer Stops School Shooter ‘He saved an enormous amount of lives’ | Infowars

An armed school resource officer saved countless lives Wednesday when he shot an ex-student who opened fire on the campus of Dixon High School in Dixon, Illinois. Matt Milby, the alleged 19-year-old suspect, arrived on campus at 8 A.M. and began firing shots near the gym until school resource officer Mark Dallas started chasing him. […]

Florida School Shooting Story Changes Again – Broward County, Nikolas Cruz and The Truth | Stefan Molyneux

Shock Video: Alleged Child Molester Paid Off In Negotiations Led By Michigan American Teachers Federation Deep corruption on display in undercover video by Project Veritas | Infowars

Project Veritas has released undercover footage obtained from the American Federation of Teachers Michigan affiliate office in Lake City, which reveals that the union shielded a teacher form prosecution after accusations of sexual misconduct with a prepubescent girl. Constitutional safe spaces? Is he guilty or innocent? IDK. No one will know the truth because […]

Project Veritas: NJ Teachers Union President Covers Up Child Abuse in Schools Will ‘bend the truth’ to protect abusive teachers | Infowars

Project Veritas released undercover footage showing Hamilton Township Education Association President David Perry explain how teacher unions prevent teachers who physically abuse children from being fired. “I’m gonna strongly advise… [if] the kid’s gonna turn around and say ‘Well [the teacher] threatened me….’ I can say ‘No. No no no. On March 22nd, the day […]

Students from 300 Schools Pledge to Walk Out of Class in ‘Stand for the Second’ Event | AWR Hawkins – Breitbart

Students from 300 schools have pledged to walk out of class May 2 in support of a pro-gun “Stand for the Second” event. “Stand for the Second” was organized by Will Riley, who is a senior in New Mexico’s Carlsbad High School. Riley is not a gun owner, but he is dedicated to ideals and […]

Patriot Kids vs. Public School Kids | Captain Fantastic Scene

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