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COREY FELDMAN’S TRUTH CAMPAIGN | YouTube Corey Feldman has created a new INDIGOGO campaign, but this time its not to raise $ for an album, or tour, but it is about something much more important. Corey is attempting to make his life story into a Major Motion Picture. His idea was created in response to the tens of thousands of […]

Grouplove – “Ways to Go” [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO] – YouTube

THE CUCKENING! | KJ Ozborne – The Scariest Movie Ever / ShakeyMclovin – The Center of the Decentralized

Cuckold programming is a slow kill weapon used by the globalist social engineers to weaken western nations for depopulation. A cuck is short for cuckold. A cuckold is a husband of an adulteress wife and men who are parenting offspring that are not their own. A submissive man sexually cuckolded by a woman. The word […]

Snoop Dogg Pushes Gun Control, Then ‘Assassinates’ Trump With .357 | Kit Daniels – Infowars

Snoop Dogg, who joined the #ImUnloading gun control campaign in 2015, has now ‘assassinated’ President Trump with a .357 in a new rap video. It’s the ultimate textbook hypocrisy – and he’s preying on the ignorance of his audience. “How I’ve been affected by gun violence over the years is through deaths of friends and […]

John Turturro Shares First Image of Jesus Quintana from Big Lebowski Spin-off Going Places | Joe Allen – Paste Magazine

Jesus is back! No, not that Jesus, it’s Jesus Quintana of The Big Lebowski, the eccentric bowler played by John Turturro in the 1998 cult classic. It was revealed over the summer that Turturro, who had long campaigned for a spin-off film about his character, had started work on a film featuring the character titled […]

“They Tried to Warn Us”: 1981 TV Show Nailed Globalist Push to Break Down Borders for a One World Government | Melissa Dykes – The Daily Sheeple

Break down borders… and form a one world government. Sound familiar? Because it’s happening right now. Source: “They Tried to Warn Us”: 1981 TV Show Nailed Globalist Push to Break Down Borders for a One World Government | The Daily Sheeple Predictive programming. Straw man set up on the television show ‘All In The Family’.

Former Pink Floyd Frontman Roger Waters Sparks fury by comparing Israelis to Nazis | Vanessa Thorpe and Edward Helmore – Guardian

Inflammatory remarks by the musician Roger Waters, formerly of Pink Floyd, comparing the modern Israeli state to Nazi Germany have put him at the centre of a furious dispute. Performers and religious figures reacted angrily to the veteran rock star’s argument that Israeli treatment of the Palestinians can be compared to the atrocities of Nazi […]