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Snoop Dogg Pushes Gun Control, Then ‘Assassinates’ Trump With .357 | Kit Daniels – Infowars

Snoop Dogg, who joined the #ImUnloading gun control campaign in 2015, has now ‘assassinated’ President Trump with a .357 in a new rap video. It’s the ultimate textbook hypocrisy – and he’s preying on the ignorance of his audience. “How I’ve been affected by gun violence over the years is through deaths of friends and […]

FLY – Hopsin 

Lyrics for Fly by Hopsin has been translated in 1 languages I was taught that education is the only way to make it Then how’d I get so much money inside my savings? My teachers never saw the heights that I was fucking aiming Did the man who invented college, go to college? Hm, okay then […]

Public Enemy Professor Griff; 2011 Hip Hop and the Illuminati (Full Interview)   Tweets by GRIFFTHENME