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1,000 African Migrants Armed With Sticks, Improvised Spears Storm Spanish Border | Virginia Hale – Breitbart

Source: 1,000 African Migrants Armed With Sticks, Improvised Spears Storm Spanish Border Advertisements

A 14-Year-Old Student Was Raped. Now the School’s Superintendent Is Calling Concerned Parents ‘Racist, Xenophobic’ | Mike Miller – Independent Journal Review

Following the alleged rape of a 14-year-old girl by two young men in a school bathroom in Maryland last week, Montgomery County Superintendent Dr. Jack Smith is accusing parents of students at Rockville High School of racism and xenophobia. The accused rapists have been identified as 18-year-old high school freshman Henry Sanchez-Milian, an illegal immigrant […]

Goldman Sachs: Almost One Million H-1B Foreign Workers Hold University-Level Jobs Here | Neil Munro – Breitbart

Goldman Sachs estimates that almost one million foreign H-1B contract workers are now employed in college-level jobs throughout the United States, even though many media outlets routinely say the federal government approves only 85,000 H-1B visas per year. Goldman’s February estimate of the huge H-1B population also ignores multiple other visa programs which invite foreign graduates to […]

‘Trump Was Right’: Migrants Riot, Loot, Fight With Police And Set Cars On Fire In Sweden | Chris Menahan – InformationLiberation

While the media was busy Monday trying to dismiss Trump’s claims of troubles in Sweden, riots were breaking out in the immigrant suburb of Rinkeby in Stockholm. From (translated with Google): DOMESTIC. It is now very unsettled in the immigrant suburb of Rinkeby in Stockholm. Police officers have been subjected to stone throwing, warning […]

Refugees Will Cost Taxpayers an Estimated $4.1 Billion in FY 2017 | Michael Patrick Leahy – Breitbart

American taxpayers will spend more than $4.1 billion in the 2017 budget to support the 519,018 refugees who have been resettled by the federal government in the United States since October 2009, according to a cost estimate by Breitbart News. To put that very large number in context, $4.1 billion can buy 10,677 new homes […]

Brilliant – Today Illegal Aliens Voluntarily Self-Identify Throughout America – #DayWithoutImmigrants | Paul Joseph Watson – Infowars

Some people say the liberal mind is predisposed toward stupidity, or at least stupid behavior. Perhaps that’s a little too harsh; however, the plan for today is definitely an example of not quite thinking things through to – ‘the unintended consequences‘.There is a social justice action taking place today, Thursday February 16th, and being widely […]

Ninth Circuit Would Allow 9/11 Hijacker to Sue to Come to U.S. | Joel B. Pollak – Breitbart

The judgment of the Ninth Circuit upholding the temporary restraining order (TRO) against President Donald Trump’s recent executive order restricting travel from seven terror-prone countries would have allowed one of the 9/11 hijackers to sue the government to come to, or stay in, the United States. Under the court’s novel theory of legal standing, “injuries” […]