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MD: I’ve seen cases of vaccine injury for 40 years | Jon Rappoport’s Blog

Australian doctor exposes vaccine damage, stands up to government/media attacks. Here is what he wrote. by Jon Rappoport September 4, 2017 In Australia, the noose is tightening around parents’ and children’s necks. There is already a policy in place that denies certain government benefits to families who don’t vaccinate their kids. Now, there is legislation […]

Over 60 Students Forced To Leave Class After Failing To Present Proof Of Vaccination | Amelia Kinney – True Activist

By Amelia Kinney The Rochester School District in Minneapolis is taking extreme measures to force students to receive required immunizations. Over 60 students who have not received vaccinations were removed from class at the Rochester School District in Minneapolis, Michigan. On February 21, the school board unanimously voted to remove any students who had not […]

Newly Published Retrospective Study NAILS Aluminum In Vaccines As UNSAFE | Catherine J. Frompovich – Natural Blaze

By Catherine J. Frompovich Neil Z Miller is a medical research journalist, who’s been researching vaccines and vaccinology science for 25 years [1]. Recently (Winter 2016), Neil had his retrospective study about aluminum, aka aluminium, “Aluminum in Childhood Vaccines Is Unsafe” published in the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons, Volume 21, Number 4. Neil […]

Nurse suspended from job, facing disciplinary action for refusing to administer children expired vaccines | L.J. Devon – InvestmentWatch

(NaturalNews) A nurse from northern Morocco recently refused to administer a large amount of vaccines to children at the Rural Health Center in Al Hoceima. The nurse stopped administering the injections because she was concerned that the lots had expired and would cause further medical complications for the children. In fact, the vaccines in question […]

4th of July Zombies – Americans Don’t Know Why We Celebrate Fourth of July! – YouTube


What’s Really Behind Mandatory Vaccines? CVS Founder Brandy Vaughn Former Merck Sales Rep |Leanne Macadoo – Infowars; Youtube

“Diseases Don’t Just Happen” with Lorraine Day MD (Full Video) – YouTube

“Diseases Don’t Just Happen” with Lorraine Day MD (Full Video) – YouTube. Related articles Kid Reads Hateful YouTube Comments to Show How Bullying Affects People EXCLUSIVE, BREAKING: We Found Muslim #Chattanooga Marine Killer’s Weird YouTube