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The Clinton Pedophilia Connection | Steve Pieczenik Talks

ALWAYS TRUMP! ‏@Always_Trump Oct 30 Will this be the fatal shot? NYPD talking about Child Porn ring involvement. This is NOT confirmed, but would gut Dems. #GoHillary #CNNSOTU Transcript: Nov 1, 2016. Dr. Steve Pieczenik I’ve just talked to you about the ongoing coup and counter coup that is being initiated by the Clintons on […]

Wake services held for NYPD 9/11 responder from Bethpage | News 12 Long Island

BETHPAGE – Family and friends gathered Thursday night to remember an NYPD officer from Bethpage who died from a 9/11-related illness. Officer Michael Hance was described by his brother Peter as an “exciting person” who liked to be the center of attention. Source: Wake services held for NYPD 9/11 responder from Bethpage | News 12 […]

Block a Bridge in NYC and New Yorker’s will kick your ass, Protestors Saved by NYPD | Deplorable News Network

Looks like some protestors tried blocking a NYC bridge? and luckily for them NYPD came along right before the New Yorkers took matters into their own hands.

Number of 9/11 responders and others who were at Ground Zero with cancer has tripled | James Wilkinson – Daily Mail Online

WTC Health Program has 5,441 people with 6,378 separate cancers In 2014 it had 1,822, out of the total 48,000 people on its books Dust and smoke from 9/11 attacks has been linked to 50 types of cancer One firefighter said he often sees 10-15 responders at his cancer hospital The 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund made […]