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OPUS 59 Trifecta | Steve Pieczenik – Steve Talks

Donald Trump will initiate three peace deals at the upcoming Singapore summit. Paradoxical intention pioneered by Holocaust survivor psychologist Viktor Frankl. In psychotherapy, paradoxical intention is the deliberate practice of a neurotic habit or thought, undertaken to identify and remove it. Denial, distortion and deception. While being attacked Donald Trump will initiate three peace deals. […]

A bromance blossoms as Kim and Moon hold hands during historic meeting and even listen to K-pop together at the end of an incredible day as they vow ‘there will be no more war’ | Julian Robinson for MailOnline and Rory Tingle For

Read more:   North Korean dictator greeted by President Moon after crossing military demarcation line on 38th parallel  Leaders met at Panmunjom, the truce village where the Korean War armistice was signed in 1953   South Korea praised ‘sincere, candid’ talks and said leaders spoke about issues including denuclearization They later embraced before signing a declaration […]

Steve Pieczenik Speaks On North Korea | Alex Jones Show

Steve Pieczenick and Alex discuss the latest on North Korea.

Maxine Waters Is Pretty Sure That Vladimir Putin Invaded North Korea | Jenni Fink – Independent Journal Review

“What isn’t our government telling us?” Pelosi Thinks “BUSH” Is President? Waters Thinks “Putin invaded Korea? Warren kicked off Senate floor All Happened in The Same Day #Maga — Immigrants☆4☆Trump (@immigrant4trump) February 8, 2017 Source: Maxine Waters Is Pretty Sure That Vladimir Putin Invaded North Korea

North Koreans Told Christians ‘Kill People, Suck Their Blood,’ Says Woman Who Started Prison Camp Church | Stoyan Zaimov – Christian Post

A North Korean woman who was forced to work in a prison camp where she started a secret Christian church and won converts for the faith despite immense persecution, has revealed that people living under the regime are taught that Christians kill people and drink their blood. “Christians were not capable of ‘revolutionary acts’ and […]

PERSECUTION WATCHDOG: North Korean Christians literally steamrolled for Christ | Gregory Tomlin – Christian Examiner

Trapped in North Korea, Christians suffer the most severe persecutions known to the modern world. Those who escape to China and are aided by Christian missionaries are immediately returned, only to be imprisoned or executed as Christian spies. Christians, who are forced to practice their faith in secret, are often the targets of persecution. Those […]

North Korea conducts ‘biggest atomic test yet’ as Pyongyang hails ‘nuclear warhead explosion’ 5.3-magnitude | Chris Graham, Julian Ryall, Tokyo  & Emma Gatten – The Telegraph

5.3-magnitude “artificial earthquake” detected near North Korea’s main nuclear site Nuclear test was country’s fifth and “most powerful” to date North Korea says it conducted a “higher level” nuclear warhead test explosion Explosion was at least twice as powerful as January test, almost as large as Hiroshima blast South Korea condemns Kim Jong-un for “maniacal recklessness”  China firmly […]