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Murder: Death By Covert Abuse | Marc Hubs – Owlcation

Pernicious Abuse It goes unrecognized but it exists. It exists on an extremely covert level. It happens behind the scenes without anyone even being aware of what the problem is; the real problem. No evidence of it is left behind and no-one has ever been convicted of it yet in reality, what I will term […]

Psychopathy and the Medical Profession – Disrupted Physician

Psychopathy is present in all professions. In The Wisdom of Psychopaths: What Saints, Spies, and Serial Killers Can Teach Us About Success, Kevin Dutton provides a side-by-side list of professions with the highest (CEO tops the list) and lowest (care-aid) percentage of psychopaths.   Interestingly surgeons come in at #5 among the professions with the highest […]

Scientific study reveals conspiracy theorists the most sane of all | J. D. Heyes –

(NaturalNews) If you’re a conspiracy theorist, then you’re crazy, right? That’s been the common belief for years, but recent studies prove that just the opposite is true. Researchers — psychologists and social scientists, mostly — in the U.S. and United Kingdom say data indicate that, contrary to those mainstream media stereotypes, “conspiracy theorists” appear to […]

Rows over study which claims antidepressants double suicide risks | Laura Donnelly – The Telegraph

Anti-depressants could double the risk of feelings that could lead to suicide, according to a new study which has triggered furious rows. Researchers behind the Danish review said the study demolished “potentially lethal misconceptions” about the safety of the drugs, which are taken by more than 4 million Britons a year. The analysis examined 13 […]

Certain medications cause people to commit murder… homicide risk increased by 31% to 200%… 100 million Americans take these drugs | Mike Adams –

(NaturalNews) Just as Natural News has warned for over a decade, mind-altering medications such as tranquilizers and psychiatric drugs (SSRIs) have now been confirmed to increase the risk of a person committing murder. A new study published in the journal World Psychiatry (June 1 edition, not yet found on the web) found that several classes […]

All the World’s a Stage… To a Psychopath | Adelyn Birch – Psychopaths and Love

IMAGINE, for a moment, being a psychopath. Try to imagine not having a conscience. What would that be like? You would not have any feelings of guilt, shame or remorse, no matter how immoral or even… Source: All the World’s a Stage… To a Psychopath | Psychopaths and Love

Hillary Clinton Using Psychologists to Bait Trump into Losing Control in the Debates | Patrick Howley – Breitbart

From the beginning, Donald Trump has been vulnerable to getting baited into confrontations that do not serve him well. There was the Chris Matthews interview in Wisconsin, where the MSNBC host purposefully baited him into giving the cable network a terrible sound byte about Trump’s abortion policy. Trump has mostly learned from that. But now, […]