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Liberals Announce Plan to Crush Normal Americans in a New “Civil War” (Spoiler: It’s Not a Great Plan) | Kurt Schlicter – Town Hall

Tech titan Jack Dorsey of San Francisco-based social media platform Twitter applauded an article in something called Medium in which some other hipster CEO described how liberals intend to crush Normal Americans into serfdom in a bloodless “civil war.” Here it is. Ready? It will just sort of happen. Why? Because. Americans will simply decide to […]

Breaking: Shots Fired Active shooter at YouTube HQ San Bruno Calif. | Vadim Lavrusik – @Lavrusik

Heard shots and saw people running while at my desk. Now barricaded inside a room with coworkers. Update Safe. Got evacuated it. Outside now. — Vadim Lavrusik (@Lavrusik) April 3, 2018

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Freedom’s Safest Place – ‘Violence of Lies!’ | Dana Loesch – NRA

Chuck Woolery on Why I Need Assault Weapons | Chuck Woolery – Save Us Chuck Woolery

We Need To Talk About Sandy Hook – Full Documentary So it works like this: First of all you create the problem, but you get someone else to be blamed for it(false flag attacks taught in Army Spec Op manuals-Operation Gladio, USS Liberty, Gulf of Tonkin, The Riechstag fire). You then report that problem through the media in the way you want it reported […]