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Ex Chief Adviser For The UN’s Child Labour Program Arrested For Pedophilia | Arjun Walia – Collective Evolution

There’s been a massive amount of disclosure with regards to elite pedophile rings for decades, but more attention was brought to it last year, with some weird and bizarre leaked emails from long time politician, John Podesta, it’s how the whole “Pizzagate” debacle began.   Not only that, last year an NBC news report claimed […]

Ex-Banker Claims He Was Invited to Take Part in Child Sacrifice Rituals | Paul Joseph Watson – Infowars

A former Dutch banker has given a sit down interview during which he claims that he was invited by members of the financial elite to participate in child sacrifice rituals. Ronald Bernard was a successful entrepreneur who ran a number of businesses before entering the world of finance. Upon doing so, he was told by […]

Exposed:A World Run By Powerful Pedophiles | Alex Jones – Infowars


“Bill Clinton Was Here”: The Elite One-Percent’s ‘Orgy Island’ Exposed | Tyler Durden – Zero Hedge

Back in 2005 police conducted an 11-month-long undercover investigation on Jeffery Epstein and his estate after the mother of a 14-year-old girl went to police after suspecting her daughter was paid $300 for at least one sexual act on the island in which she was ordered to strip, leaving on just her panties while giving […]

Nuns Go Undercover as Prostitutes to Save Sex Trafficking Victims | Stoyan Zaimov | Christian Post Reporter

A network of over 1,100 Christian nuns have reportedly been dressing as prostitutes and infiltrating brothels around the world in a mission to save victims of sex trafficking. Source: Nuns Go Undercover as Prostitutes to Save Sex Trafficking Victims