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Psychiatry’s Prescription For Violence | Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR)

Documenting the impact of a multibillion dollar psychiatric-pharmaceutical industry, this powerful and graphic video contains interviews with experts, parents and victims. Dramatic recordings of actual 911 calls made by desperate family members—and even by a killer himself—convey the chilling reality behind today’s headlines. Here is the shocking truth underlying the current wave of violence devastating […]

Investigative Report: Colleges Are Now Giant Psychiatric Facilities | Jon Rappoport – Infowars

U.S. colleges have been turned into weapons of psychological warfare. Micro-agressions, triggered and safe spaces. The number one mind control program at US colleges. From the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) statistic in one year 25% of all college students have been diagnosed or treated for a mental disorder. These colleges and universities have […]

Brawndo: The Thirst Mutilator (Its got Electrolytes!) | Full Movie; Free Download & Streaming – Internet Archive

Idiocracy – Full Movie: Idiocracy : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive Idiocracy – Full Movie: Idiocracy : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive Idiocracy – Full Movie: Idiocracy : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive

Certain medications cause people to commit murder… homicide risk increased by 31% to 200%… 100 million Americans take these drugs | Mike Adams –

(NaturalNews) Just as Natural News has warned for over a decade, mind-altering medications such as tranquilizers and psychiatric drugs (SSRIs) have now been confirmed to increase the risk of a person committing murder. A new study published in the journal World Psychiatry (June 1 edition, not yet found on the web) found that several classes […]

Do Antidepressants Affect Gut Health? | Dr. Group – Global Healing Center

Antidepressants are a controversial class of prescription medicine used to treat or prevent clinical depression. An estimated 30 million Americans are currently taking antidepressants. The use of these drugs has skyrocketed over the last 15 years, likely due to increased marketing and social acceptance of depression and psychoactive pharmaceuticals.[1] Antidepressant use comes with severe side […]

Baton Rouge Shooter Had PTSD, Prescribed Multiple Meds With Side Effects of Homicidal Thoughts | Matt Agorist – The Free Thought Project

Sources close to the Baton Rouge murder investigation revealed Gavin Long had PTSD and was treating it with meds known to cause homicidal thoughts. What makes the information that Long was on these medications relevant is the fact that many mass shootings have links to similar medications. It takes a truly disturbed person to begin […]

“Genocide by Prescription”: Drug Induced Death in America | By Prof. James Petras and Robin Eastman-Abaya – Global Research – A Sweet Dose of Reality

A Sweet Dose of Reality Home About Contact Life is but a dream… “Genocide by Prescription”: Drug Induced Death in America July 12, 2016 · by TS · in Health · Leave a comment The ‘Natural History’ of the Declining White Working Class in America By Prof. James Petras and Robin Eastman-Abaya | Global Research The […]