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Trump: ‘We Are Going to Help’ Christian Refugees | John Hayward – Breitbart

In an interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network recorded on Thursday, but set to air in full on Sunday, President Trump said Christian refugees have been “horribly treated” and “we are going to help them.” “The refugee changes that you’re looking to make, as it relates to persecuted Christians, do you see them as kind […]

Muslim Translators Deliberately Misinterpreting Christians to Get Them Deported, Says Pastor | Nick Hallett – Breitbart

Muslim translators are deliberately misinterpreting migrants who converted to Christianity in order to get them deported, a Berlin pastor has said. In a damning verdict on Germany’s Ministry for Immigration and Refugees (BAMF), Rev Gottfried Martens said Afghan and Iranian migrants who convert to Christianity are subject to “kangaroo court” hearings where “almost exclusively Muslim […]

Report: 40,000 Pro-Assad Christians in Aleppo Fear Return of Rebels | Edwin Mora – Breitbart

The estimated 40,000 Christians in Aleppo are not among the civilians who are dreading the fall of the city to the Russia and Iran-backed regime of dictator Bashar al Assad, according to a charity group that helps persecuted Christians. These Christians instead reportedly fear the return of the rebels to Aleppo, particularly the jihadi coalition […]

Russia Killed 30 US, Israeli, British Officers Believed To Be Assisting ISIS | Whitney Webb – True Activist

The foreign officers where embedded in a militant-held section of Aleppo and could be the real reason for the imminent end of diplomatic cooperation between the US and Russia. As part of an ongoing offensive against militant-held sectors of Aleppo, Russian warships hit a military operations center near the city, killing 30 Israeli, US, Saudi, […]

US Prepares for Military Action Against Syria as Diplomatic Cooperation with Russia Dissolves | Whitney Webb – True Activist

The US is now pursuing “alternatives” that involve the use of “some force” against Assad. Though violence in Syria has been escalating faster than it has for several years, it’s about to get much worse. Today, Reuters reported that the United States is expected to suspend diplomatic cooperation with Russia over the Syria crisis due […]

ISIS Beheads 15 Syrians for ‘Apostasy’ in Front of Hundreds Forced to Watch | Samuel Smith – Christian Post

As the Islamic State continues to spread fear into the hearts of residents in Iraq and Syria, the group recently forced hundreds of civilians to watch the decapitations of 15 people accused of apostasy. As apostasy is a crime punishable by death in about 13 fundamentalist Muslim-controlled countries around the world, the so-called caliphate of IS […]

Russian Spokeswoman Taunts US Ambassador Samantha Power with Syria Invite | Mikael Thalen – Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!

“Nobody will lay a finger on you in my presence. Unless, of course, your guys don’t again ‘mistakenly’ strike the wrong target” US Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power was invited to Syria by Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova Saturday in an escalating battle of words between the two. Following an alleged accidental US-led coalition […]