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Amal Clooney; George Clooney’s Muslim Wife Stuns Hollywood, Says 7 Words at UN That Shock Everyone | Angry Patriot

Where few have the guts to speak out against Islamic terrorism, and instead choose to rise up against our president — this Hollywood wife took a stand. “Don’t let ISIS get away with genocide,” said Amal Clooney to the U.N. on March 9. The formerly-silent Muslim wife of George Clooney made a passionate speech, echoing the […]

Former Obama adviser: “White male Christians commit most terror attacks” – Aussie Conservativeblog

“Muslim former Obama adviser: “white male Christians” commit most terror attacks”, Jihad Watch, November 30, 2015: “White male Christians commit most terror attacks” – aussieconservativeblog

Bill Gates, Chelsea Clinton predict global bio-terrorist pandemic | Infowars

On January 18th, in an article titled, “Bill Gates is Teaming Up with World Leaders to Stop the Next Deadly Pandemic,” Business Insider reported that “Governments from Germany, Japan, and Norway have pooled funds along with the Gates Foundation to raise a total of $490 million so far. The target is $1 billion, which Coalition […]

Facebook accepts ‘blood money’ from terrorist activities: lawsuits | Emily Saul – New York Post

A lawyer behind a pair of lawsuits alleging Facebook allows terrorist groups to use the social network as a recruiting platform called on the company Wednesday to stop profiting from advertiser “blood money” while turning a blind eye to the influx of the ill-intentioned users. While Facebook maintains it has employees scrubbing terror-related content from […]

Anti-Trump Mob Viciously Attacks Man Outside Bar in Ohio | Paul Joseph Watson – Prison Planet

In yet another example of anti-Trump violence, a man was beaten outside a bar in Kettering, Ohio, leaving him with a fractured eye socket. Lee Arron Jackson says he was leaving Elsa’s Sports Grill with his friend and girlfriend when the mob of 12 individuals became rowdy and began loudly “complaining about President Donald Trump,” […]

A New Low: Dan Grilo Calls Fallen Navy Seal’s Widow An Idiot On Twitter | The Center of the Decentralized

While adressing congress President Trump honors Navy Seal Ryan Owen’s widow Carryn. Owens gets standing ovation 2/28/2017 Ryan Owens, a real American hero, lost his life defending our rights and security for democrats and replublicans. His family, his widow and his memory should be honored with the utmost respect. Carryn Owens looked up to heaven with […]

Prepare for Conflict in the U.S. – Marxist Groups Up Their Activity | Douglas J. Hagmann – The Hagmann Report

Do not underestimate the attempts by the Marxists who are rising up under the community organizing activity of Barack Hussein Obama and the funding of deep-pocketed globalist organizations and individuals. They are out for blood – literally. Their backs are against the wall as Donald Trump is exercising his executive authority and reshaping the structure […]